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    ҺҪȫ_ÑҪ󣬳OӋͼӹ⣬߀ҼcҪ_ʹúͶھSo͸ʹǰҪŚ⣬_{yҪ{λãɫɫӰԺ,ɫɫɫ,坍Ҫڙz飬͸ϵĻ҉m]ˮ1ܷęzcSoܷǷֹҺ׃йҪԪ For the lip seal should focus on the inspection of whether there are scars and wear on the lip, for the combination of seals should focus on the inspection of the wear of the sealing surface, and then determine whether the seal can be used.

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  • In addition, it is necessary to check whether the static sealing ring between the piston and the piston rod is extruded.Uܷ⑪czܷ֧ЭhĥprҼlFܷ֧͌ЭhȱݣҺܷĽYʽxͬYʽm˲|ܷMиQ@޶ȵؽܷcܷ֮gĤȣpܷй©


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        Degree of the groove, groove surface, and then clean with acetone with cylinder inner contour plate put the TS311 antifriction repairing adhesive coat in good polished surface, forcibly leveling, ensure the compaction, and higher than the cylinder inner surface, after being solidified, leave allowance for finish grinding, at last, by grinding the cylinder has met the requirement of the overall size, shape, tolerance and roughness. But this repair cylinder life and reliability are not high.

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